Student’s Lesson

Songs Pattern and Recognition

Here are excerpts from ‘To Her Door’ and ‘Deeper Water’, using full manuscript. Have a look at the way that the melody is structured and the use of repetition which is evident in both the chord progression and the shape of the melody and rhythmic ideas with the text.

Try to sing and play these melodies and then describe how they have been created, particularly looking at the use of repeated ideas throughout.

Comparison of Verse Structure and Design

To Her Door — Verse
To Her Door — verse

Deeper Water — Verse
Deeper Water — verse

Look at the very similar musical shape of the short phrases for both songs, as well as the same type of repeated chord pattern, which makes the song very memorable.

Comparison of chorus structure

To Her Door — Chorus
To Her Door — chorus

Deeper Water — Chorus
Deeper Water — chorus

Sing the choruses from both songs and discuss their use of repetitive patterns to make the song memorable and easy to sing. Write out some similarities and differences.