Student’s Lesson

Summative Tasks


In this task you will be assessed on your ability to:

  •  analyse the ideas, attitudes, values and voices presented in texts
  •  use text structures and language features appropriate to different modes and types of texts
  •  use contextual and/or textual examples to support his or her own interpretation (Standards for the Australian Curriculum: English course.)

In this assessment task you will combine fact, interpretation and imagination to create a multimedia presentation on the documentary PAUL KELLY — STORIES OF ME and (an) artist(s) of your choosing related to one of the topics below. [1]

  • The personal is the political.
  • The purpose of parables
  • Pop-cycle
  • Women: setting the agenda or providing the content?


Using one of these focus areas create a multimedia presentation for your class in which you:

  • explain how the documentary relates to the chosen topic
  • analyse how language is used by Paul Kelly in his work
  • analyse how language is used by the director, Ian Darling, to portray Paul Kelly
  • compare how (an)other documentary maker(s) have used language to represent artists.

In this task you combine text, graphics, sound, video and animation to represent ideas and convey information for your audience. You should combine elements so that each element contributes to the meaning of your text as a whole.  In this task you will present your work digitally to your class and your teacher.

Possible other documentaries for comparison might be:

There are many different software possibilities for your project. A few are:

  • PowerPoint
  • KeyNote
  • Issuu
  • Prezi
  • Wikis
  • VoiceThread


In this assessment task you will be assessed on your ability to:

  • account for different interpretations of a text
  • analyse the use of text structures, language features, stylistic features and types of text when considering audience
  • communicate ideas demonstrating clear and controlled use of language.

In this assessment task you will write an essay evaluating one of the interview subject’s comments on Paul Kelly.

In the documentary PAUL KELLY — STORIES OF ME Archie Roach says:

He’s a modern day, he’s a modern day bard[2] you know? Australia’s own, is Paul Kelly. I, I reckon anyway. And you know we need, we need a good bard. It’s been an old tradition to have a bard, you know a poet.


Poets use language, ideas and images to present our world to us.

Choose two or three songs from your study and explain whether you agree with Archie Roach’s view of Paul Kelly.

Write 750 words.

[1] If you have a high level of creative and technical expertise, you might like to view Richard Grant’s “PAUL KELLY — STORIES OF ME” — Graphics Reel 2012 ( for ideas and approaches to combining texts.
[2] A bard is a writer — usually a poet — who is revered by his community. In today’s world the words Shakespeare and bard are often used interchangeably. 

Teacher’s Notes

Advice to teachers of the VCE